Conference Program

Friday, August 29

10:00–10:30am (SOS 250)
Introductory Remarks
Vanessa Schwartz and Anne Higonnet

10:30am–12:00pm (SOS 250)
Panel 1 – Materiality and Visual Culture
Sinem Arcak Casale – “Visual Culture and Concepts of Art and Exchange at Early Modern Islamic Courts”
Erin Lambert – “Envisioning Identities: The Evidence of a Sixteenth-Century Pamphlet”
Ryan Linkof – “Mapplethorpe’s Underwear: Archival Research, Visual Culture and the Museum Exhibition”
Respondent: Justin Underhill, USC-Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow and VSRI

12:30–2:00pm(SOS 250)

2:00-3:30pm (SOS 250)
Panel 2 – Policy, Practice, and New Stakeholders for the Visual Humanities
Aynne Kokas – “Visual Studies as Media Policy?: Audience, Market, and the Framing of Sino-US Film Collaborations”
Toby Lee – “Teaching, Making, Doing: Visual Culture in Academia, the Arts, and the Non-Profit World”
Brian Jacobson – “Art + Technics: Moving Image Culture and its Industrial Applications”
Respondent: Curtis Fletcher, The Alliance for Networking Visual Culture

4:00–5:30pm (DML 241)
Keynote Presentation
W.J.T. Mitchell – “Method, Madness, and Montage: From Aby Warburg to A Beautiful Mind”

One of the central “image operations” in the practice of forensics, criminology, surveillance and targeting operations, and art history is the Bilderatlas, the structured array of images that allows a comprehensive overview of a situation. Typically, the “situation room,” the cinematic editing room, and the evidence wall deploy the same technique of assemblage and montage. Yet there is a thin line between the rational use of this technique and certain forms of madness, a line that is defined as the realm of “conjectural knowledge” (to echo Carlo Ginzburg’s phrase). This lecture explores that intermediate zone of knowledge with examples from spy thrillers, science fiction, and art historical practices inspired by the iconology of Aby Warburg.

5:30–6:30pm(DML 241)

Saturday, August 30

9:30–10:00am(SOS 250)

10:00–11:30am (SOS 250)
Panel 3 – Visual Culture on the Job Market and in the Classroom
Ramzi Fawaz – “Making a Queer Scene: On the Necessity of Teaching Uncomfortable Images”
Olivia Gruber Florek – “An Unconventional Place for an Unconventional Field: Visual Culture at the Community College”
Respondent: Gina Greene, USC Provost’s Postodoc and VSRI